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WiredKing offers an unending list of casino games, belted out by the leading game providers of the world. Leverage the advantages of more than 110+ casino software providers and about 11,000+ casino games and establish yourself as a leading casino games expert.

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Join the league of the best casino online businesses by partnering with us. We help both the upcoming and established online casinos.  

Online Casino Software

iGaming business can be operated at scale with the best casino software providers like WiredKing. The software providers offer flexible business environment to online casino owners. A variety of titles can be offered to the players who have different tastes in casino games.

online casino platform

By offering an enriched gaming environment, the casino business attracts audiences across the globe and stay at par with the other similar businesses in the sector. Setting up and starting a casino business becomes a matter of just a few days. Our support can help you start an online casino site in no time and have a fully functional interface to offer to the players.

What we offer is not merely the support for running a casino website. We have developed a casino engine as well. This feature enables you to run the online casino platform in an optimized manner. It also enhances the experience for the casino users and helps you have a loyal customer base.

Top features

Analytical Dashboard

Plan your online casino business better with the insights available at the analytical dashboards. The analytics helps you understand your audience better and lets you design the platform features that meet the customer expectations.

Periodic content updates

We offer full support for updating the content periodically. You can set the frequency of content updation to monthly and we will provide you the support for the same.

Numerous payment procedures

You need all prevailing payment options to cater to a wider audience. Our casino software support includes all the popular payment options including the bitcoin. You can boast of a bitcoin casino solution that offers an inclusive casino environment to the cryptocurrency users.

Affiliate Support

Drive more traffic to your online casino platform with the help of affiliate marketing support. Affiliate marketers can help you increase your number of registered users and offer you a wider customer base that ultimately improve your RoI.

Agent system

Make user management easier with the robust agent system that comes with our casino software solution. You can erect a web of agents at multiple levels to boost the performance of your casino business. The system helps you simplify the business performance monitoring. We have designed the agent system that understands the needs of bookies as well as the casino agents.

Live Casino Experts

Wiredking offers more than 18 live casino brands that are known for engaging interface and captivating gameplay. The players can spend a lot of time at the gaming options available and make quick bucks too at times. The gambling modules are quite user-centric and have the features that allow quicker onboarding and seamless adjusting.

Types of online casino solutions

The online casino solution provider proves to be the best option when you want to integrate engaging content into the website. We work in a research-oriented manner and keep account of the user expectations to develop the user-centric casino online. You concentrate on the business and we do the research for you and provide you with key numbers such as RoI forecasts, budgeting details, etc. Should you require a system that allows you to make an enthusiastic start as a casino website, you can count on us for the all-round support.

  1. Website API

Website API offers a practical approach to integrating the casino game content into the platform. It allows functioning at scale and offers the users both the casino and sports gambling support. As a consequence, your website will always be the first choice of the casino users and will earn you lots of subscribers that simply mean more business.

Main functions include

  • Compatibility with all third-party software options
  • Instant updation of newer titles and sporting events
  • Compatible with iGaming businesses operational at scale

Complete gaming API solution comprises

  • Regular updation of content and platform features
  • Unending choices of casino game titles and content related to sports
  • External API solution that allows integration of any 3rd party software
  • Customized front end interface
  • Complete support for integration of payment options, product features and iGaming content
  • Multi-use API that allows managing of administration, money matters, gaming titles and sports events with single interface.

Leverage the potential to host a variety of sports options such as virtual sports, eSports events, live sports. With the best solution in hand, you can bring to the users ultimate gambling experiences pertaining to sports betting. In addition, the options of slot and table games and live casino rooms can also be made available.

Top features

  • User-friendly software
  • Several casino categories
  • Compatibility with multiple platforms
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Expansion at budget
  • Full-fledged structure
  • Timely content updates
  • Effortless integration

Why choose Website API

The website API caters to the needs of businesses operating at various scales. Whether you are a newbie or the top player in the genre, you can benefit from our website API solution. Our all-inclusive suite can help you address the issues specific to your business model with ease. You can be a single casino, or may be hosting a number of different types of casinos to be at the receiving end of benefits offered by our Website API.

Website API for Casino

Casino API integration is done by us the way you need it to become the industry leader. The API supports swift launching and allows you to have a large number of titles developed from scratch.

Most importantly, the resource requirement to put website API for casino to use is bare minimum. All you need is a website and a few admins to start using the casino API. Our API is compatible with the leading casino games providers such as Evolution Gaming, Endorphia, Relax Gaming and so on.

Sportsbook API

A variety of sports events become available to bet upon with Sportsbook API solution. Live and pre-match bets come easy to the bettors when they utilize our API. We also design interfaces for bookies. They can bring to the bettors all ace tournaments and leagues and various sporting events by using our sportsbook API solution.

WiredKing sportsbook API has managed to provide the ease of access to sports like Football, Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, Handball, Hockey, Darts, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Futsal and others.

We have the complete system designed for eSports events as well. If you want to have an impressive lineup of eSports events such as Starcraft, Rainbow Six, Valorant, League of Legends, etc., you can count on our Sportsbook API. We also provide match tracker feature that allows live betting or in-play betting.

Virtual Sports API

Virtual sports are quite popular these days. Their ability to provide entertainment without depending on the sports calendars have made them the first choice of sports bettors. The users can start and stop the match wherever and whenever desired and bet.

Virtual sports allow player to be the architect of the teams. The mix up of characters becomes possible to achieve. The whole composition of the team and the gameplay is under the bettor’s control.

Using the features of WiredKing virtual sports API, the website owners can enrich their interface with this new way of enjoying sports.

We have teamed with the top virtual sports providers like LEAP Gaming, KRON Interactive, 1X2 Network and others to deliver to you the best Virtual Sports API.

Our expertise lies in virtual sports disciplines like Virtual Tennis, Virtual Soccer, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Virtual Soccer, and various others.

  1. Turnkey

WiredKing Turnkey solution is meant for both casino and sportsbook. It is a robust, professional software that allows launching the interface in almost a few hours.

Top functions

  1. Single solution for both casino and sportsbook
  2. Brand promotion support provided through affiliate and agent systems
  3. Localized features like multiple language support to help have global presence

Best Turnkey Solution for Sportsbook & Casino Software

online casino platform

WiredKing Turnkey Solution is designed for both casino and sportsbook. Our solution is designed to offer you better control over administrative affairs. Also, you may reach wider audience with the marketing solutions integrated in the software.

Any iGaming project can be started from scratch with the most practical Turnkey solution delivered by WiredKing.

In casino section, you can include table games, slot games, live casino, and lot more. The sportsbook option can be enriched with choices like Live betting, pre-match betting, virtual sports, eSports, etc.

The transactions become swifter with internet payment system that accepts about 180 globally functional currencies. There is an option for marketing the business available too, which you can accomplish through affiliate marketing and agent system modules.

You will find in our turnkey the features like:

  1. Readymade website templates for quicker start
  2. A simplified back office tailored to needs of casino and sportsbook
  3. Time-tested affiliate and agent systems
  4. Responsive code
  5. Quicker turnaround for settlements and launches
  6. In-play betting odds
  7. Multi-utility bonus system to keep audience engaged

Top features

  • Complete platform for launch and management
  • More than 180 currencies
  • Responsive structure
  • Multi-utility bonus system
  • Pre-designed website templates
  • Content updates every month
  • Legal help
  • Insights and Analytics Dashboard


Bitcoin Casino Software

WiredKing offers a well-scripted cryptocurrency-based solution to launch a casino gaming website. Our software enables creating a casino where you can make payments through trending cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and others.

Top Features

  • Unmatched privacy while playing
  • Prompt transaction processing
  • Custom-designed back-office
  • Support of all top cryptocurrencies
  • Legal help
  • Reports and Insights
  • Fast transaction processing
  • Reporting on a real-time basis

Bitcoin Casino Development

Allow players to transact in cryptocurrencies with the help of our Bitcoin Casino development support. Crypto casino becomes a reality when you partner with us and wield our tool designed especially for Bitcoins and other crypto payments.

By using our Bitcoin casino development support, you create more opportunities for scaling up and improving the experience delivery.

The Bitcoin casino melts the geographical borders and enhance reach of the online casino. Once you have made up your mind to foray into online betting venture, you can take advantage of crypto betting platform features that we have developed for all businesses operating at various scales.

casino software providers

WiredKing Bitcoin Casino solution is quite user-friendly and allows businesses to stay above their competitors. Using our software, the bettors can get the choice of betting on sports like Horseracing, Football, Baseball, Basketball etc.

Top benefits of Bitcoin Casino Solution

Access to all sports is the top feature of the Bitcoin Casino solution. You participate in all sorts of games just like a traditional punter but pay in BTC, Altcoins, Litecoins and other cryptocurrencies to stake money.

The punters can bet anonymously and in complete privacy. Also, the transactions done through cryptocurrency is swift and fully secured. Thus, punters can scoop more profits as they are able to bet more often in a given span of time.

Affiliate System

Affiliate System is designed to develop convenient affiliate marketing networks. The administrators and affiliate marketers can benefit from the features provided in the WiredKing affiliate system.

All commission plans are supported by our affiliate system and you can customize it to offer user-centric deals and plans. The software provides the facility to optimize the dashboard and makes it usable for the casino business owners.

Top features

  1. Easy to customize back-office
  2. Automated link
  3. In-house development
  4. Affordable expansion
  5. Optimally designed content updation and storage
  6. Responsive structure
  7. Commission payments made flexible
  8. Technology compatible with multiple platforms

Benefits of using WiredKing Affiliate System

WiredKing Affiliate System offers benefits such as:

  • Confusion-free user interface that allows easy customization of tasks as per the output planned
  • Quite easy to deal with and manage
  • Easy assigning of roles as per the user profile
  • Responsive system, available to access on both mobile and desktop
  • Ability to group the players and affiliates as per their unique characteristics and playing habits

Marketing tools offered

As an entity offering affiliate marketing as a SaaS, WiredKing eases configuration of all marketing campaigns. Each campaign can be assigned a unique referral code for clear identification and measurement of performance metrics.

Features of marketing tools

casino software providers
  1. Affiliate-wise configuration of access to promotional materials. The proper storage for content is made available
  2. Assignment of affiliates to chosen products where there is a possibility of margin. The types of product can be confined to casino or sports betting
  3. Create links and codes for the products chosen for affiliate marketing
  4. Assign tags as per the type of campaign such as promotional, seasonal or standalone campaign.

Commission plans

Affiliate system is designed to increase your casino’s visibility and popularity. The system can be organized as per the requirement and it is made result-oriented. One can devise strategy as per the business model to extract the best benefits of the affiliate system.

Some of the commission plans available under WiredKing commission plans are:

  • CPA or cost per acquisition: The affiliate earns an amount as commission when a client makes a deposit. The size of the amount depends upon the deposit size and the number of deposits made
  • Revenue share: The affiliate earns a portion of gross gaming revenue (GGR) as agreed upon. The revenue is calculated for a chosen span of time for the disbursement purposes. It is calculated in fixed percentage of the GGR
  • Hybrid: This payment model is a combination of above two. Commission and the revenue generated by betting activity are added and paid to the affiliate. The client has to pass the qualification criteria to become eligible for the hybrid model of earning the commission.
  • Turnover: The client or the punter deposits certain amount as stake and the portion of this amount accumulated over time is payable to affiliate.

Analytics support – Affiliate Marketing

Analytics support is important to understand the performance of the business. The financial flow and its resources are important things to understand to plan the business activity.

Using WiredKing’s support, you can generate the reports and perform analysis of all metrics contributing to the success. It helps design the future revenue model and also plan promotional activities to achieve the desired results.

The reports generated comprise of parameters such as:

  1. Dates and important days
  2. Number of referred punters
  3. Gross gaming revenue or revenue from the bettors’ activities

All these parameters are important to consider. The affiliate marketing support from WiredKing is reliable and fully contributing to the ease with which the casino operators can market themselves and increase their popularity.

Other products

Odds Feed

Agent System


Partnering with WiredKing is the proven way to start your online casino platform. We are the ace Casino software providers and have all that it takes to make the casino business plan a happy reality. Contact us for the quote and consulting today!

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