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Entering online casino market: how white-label online casino software helps

Online casinos have the takers worldwide. These platforms offer a contactless way of having fun betting money on casino games. Enhanced privacy and flexibility of space and time have drawn more and more players towards online casinos. These online casinos are designed to offer a real casino feel to the players with the additional benefit of promotional offers and bonuses. Online casino market size was estimated to be USD 63.53bn in 2022 and it is expected to grow annually at the rate of 11.7% in the next 5 to 6 years. So, if you have thought of entering the online casino market, the sooner the better.

You can either start a city casino or choose to go online to make a breakthrough in the online casino market. The former is quite a lengthy and costly process as it involves buying a property, procuring a license, employing croupiers, etc. Online casinos cut the slack for beginners considerably as developers can do the same task in way less time and at a limited cost. An easy solution lies in casino software developer that is quick to set up and allows to enter the market on a limited budget. 

What is a white-label online casino?

A white-label online casino is a ready-to-use platform that has all the features required to operate the casino. It comprises a games library provided by the developers of the choice, promotional offers, payment methods, languages, banking methods, and so on, as per the market chosen. Online casinos of white label style can be designed keeping the target markets’ trends in mind. Since all the features are pre-developed, only assembling, customizing, and configuring processes are to be performed. 

Development companies maintain a stock of a variety of white-label casino templates. They discuss the vision and scope with the casino business aspirants and suggest options accordingly. On receiving confirmation from the client, the developers customize the white-label online casino software with branding materials like logos, promotional offers, etc., and pass on the I.P. exclusively to the client. Thus, the white-label online casino comes into action and helps the business owner start its operations.

Development of white-label casino

All the features of white-label online casino software are pre-developed. Thus, the development time is reduced by more than 40%. The main processes involved in the establishment of this casino software are:

  1. Initial set-up and purchases

The casino business aspirant purchases the white-label online casino software from the provider post the requisite discussions. At this stage, the transfer of license from the parent company to the client takes place, which saves the buyer from all the legal hassles later on. 

Purchases mainly involve buying licenses, such as Curacao, MGA, and others as needed. Web-hosting service is also a part of the package. Other features bought to start the online casino are:

  • Games library: Instead of spending time developing the games in-house, the casino business aspirant may buy games from the providers that the parent company has teamed with. Games may primarily comprise slots, live casino games, fishing, 4D lottery, and so on. Casinos may also include sportsbooks and esports betting in their menu.
  • Transactions-related purchases: Payment methods, fraud detection, and prevention mechanisms, and site security services are bought to offer a safe environment to the players.
  • Technologies: All the technologies that go into the establishment and functioning of an online casino are included in the package.
  • Optimization consultancy: Some white-label online casino software developers may also offer optimization consultancy to enhance the visibility of the casino and attract traffic. 
  • Backend management

The white-label online casino software experts help in managing the backend activities too. They shoulder all responsibilities related to the technical aspects of running the online casino. Types of service and support may be agreed upon and documented in the agreement for a smooth relationship.

  • Front-end management

Some front-end activities are focused on engaging the visitors. These activities include adding CTAs, announcements of updates or new promotional offers, and various marketing activities. As a business owner, the client may get more freedom to design marketing plans as support from the white-label provider is available for handling technical aspects.

  • Revenue Sharing 

In the white-label arrangement, the provider asks for a percentage of revenue generated in lieu of all support and services it provides. This percentage varies depending on the terms both parties agree upon. The agreement outlines all terms of revenue sharing, accepting which the contract is good to go. 

So, this is how the development of white-label online casino software happens. The steps may be reduced or increased depending on the service structure of the parent company. 

How white-label development eases casino setup

The white-label casino providers take a lot of stress out from the establishment process. Since all the features are pre-developed, the development phase is reduced to weeks only. Also, the casino owner is saved from the hassle of managing an in-house department and bearing employee costs. Thus, white-label development reduces the establishment cost by several factors. 

Lots of games become easier to offer to the players in a white-label casino. Since the white-label casino has tie-ups with several game providers, the players can be offered thousands of casino and gambling games on a single platform.

The reputation becomes easier to build as the white-label casino design includes responsible gaming solutions. The platform is equipped with a transaction monitoring system, KYC processes, and fraud prevention features, the players find it a safe and fun place to be. 

Depending upon the target market, the payment methods are included in the software. Thus, the onboarding process becomes faster and revenue starts pouring in quickly too, allowing the casino to break even sooner than anticipated.

To conclude,

Setting up an online casino becomes faster and more profitable by choosing the white-label way. This type of software serves all needs and helps enter the market with little burn to handle. Being a cost-effective solution and safer too, the white label gaming solution is good for beginners and offers a reliable route to penetrate the online casino market.

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