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Essential features included in a white label casino software

white label casino software

Casino Industry is reporting considerable growth year per year since a decade. The support from the State in the form of legalization of activity and ability to break-even quickly have been the reasons for the same. More and more operators are vying for their space in the field and online casino offers them the right conditions to make a solid start. These conditions have prompted the casino business aspirants to reach the casino software developer experts and get hold of a complete solution at the earliest. A white label casino serves these requirements most efficiently. Let’s take a look at all the essential features you can expect in a white label casino software.

What is a white label casino software?

A white label casino is a fully developed software with all features needed for extending satisfactory experience to the end users. The businesses just need to work on the marketing and branding part and roll out the software in the market in minimal time. Thus, the businesses that partner with the casino software developer company can start their casino the soonest and at low cost. They just need to work on the revenue-sharing part as the development company do ask for a cut from profits in the white label casino business model.

Features included in a white label casino software

 An online casino is a virtual counterpart of a city casino. Thus, the businesses that want to operate casinos online have to take care that their customers get an authentic in-casino experience there. With a player-centric approach, the online casinos garner the right kind of attention and can convert the casual visitors into loyal customers. So, the casino software developer studies the casino business model deeply and includes the following features to help the operators achieve a delightful player experience.

  1. Game library: Why does anybody go to a casino? The answer is primarily to play games and bet on their outcomes. It is different from sports betting where the bettors are simply predicting the outcome and making money from betting when the outcome predicted is correct. So, in an online casino, the developers include an extensive game library.

The game library is sourced from the dedicated game development companies like Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, NextSpin, etc. The software highlights the features like title of the game, RTP of the game and at times, it also allows the visitors to play the game in free mode or demo mode.

The more extensive the library, the better the entertainment opportunities for the players are. Thus, it is the main highlight of any casino software. You can expect in the game library the options like table games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, etc. Another most popular game is slot games. To add more flavor, casino software developer experts also include options like fishing, lottery, 4D games, sportsbook and e-sports in the platform.

  • Payment methods: Another prime reason why anybody goes to a casino is to make money from betting. Thus, the players need payment methods to deposit and withdraw money online when they try their luck at online casinos. The software developers make use of several payment methods which are in use globally. They also include localized currency options, and banking methods to deliver a customer-centric online casino.

Payment methods usually include online bank transfers, ATM transfers and cash deposits, payment gateways or e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, help2pay, etc. The use of cryptocurrencies is rampant at the online casinos. So, the software developers provide the arrangements for using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, etc. The players can also buy cryptocurrencies from the online casinos which include this facility in the software. The online casino takes the customer to the exchange apps from where they can buy cryptos when required.

  • Bonus and promotion: A feature that stands the online casinos apart from city casinos is the bonus and promotion system. The bonus and promotional offers are designed to offer interesting reasons to the players to stay invested at the online casinos. The bonus system comprises welcome bonus, deposit or reload bonus whenever the players make deposits, cashback offers, cash rebates and discounts, birthday bonus, VIP rewards system, etc. The casino software developer, in consultation with the online casino business client, designs this part as per the casino’s policy and strives to make it more appealing than the competitor sites.
  • Customer support: An active and responsive customer support can make a casino a cut above the rest. The players need information right from the time they join the casino. Software developers can build and include sections like FAQs and informative blogs to answer the common queries like how to deposit, how to withdraw, how to register, and so on. The live chat, social media handles like Telegram, WeChat etc., phone and email are also included in the software to cater to a wider audience base. It helps in easy onboarding and also in delivering smooth experience to the players.
  • VIP program: The online casinos also stand apart due to the presence of a VIP program. It is included in the software to offer customized and personalized experience to the regular players who intend to make huge bets and deposits. The software comprises the membership level system; the players win the rewards as applicable to their level.

The main benefit of a white label casino is cost-saving. Since the platform is ready-to-use with all essential features, the development cost is less. Also, the cost of maintaining the development department can also be dispensed with. This also means that the software is fast-to-market. Thus, the businesses can benefit from the market conditions and make entry when it is the most profitable.

To sum up,

The casino software comprises all the features that make the website a virtual counterpart of a brick-and-mortar casino. These features collectively deliver a fine play experience. Also, the white label model supports faster rolling out of the platform. As a result, the businesses save cost and make the best use of time in hand to establish themselves in the online casino markets.

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