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White Label Online Casino Solution

Ultimate while label gaming solution now just a click away

The best white label gaming platform developer in Asia. We help you foray into online casino business with the state-of-the-art white label online casino solution provided by the best developers.

Wiredking white label casino software features

Live query resolution with WhatsApp

We help you onboard with nil confusion by resolving all queries through a simple WhatsApp chat. There is a live chat feature provided at the website too. You can chat or receive notification on both platforms and stay updated about the latest events.

WhatsApp-enabled quick registration

One-click registration facility provided with WhatsApp feature integrated into the gaming platform. The feature allows you to start your gaming session on your mobile phone. Click and you are all set to play your favorite online casino games!

More than 50 iGaming titles

Provide an enriched online or live white label gaming platform to users with more than 50 iGaming titles. The users can engage themselves in gaming as long as possible; their repertoire never dries up by registering with your iGaming platform empowered by our iGaming options.

High quality, catchy interface

Very simple yet attractive interface comprising of top-notch branding solutions. The interface is enriched with images and logos to enable better brand recall. Interesting GIFs included for an immersive experience.

Easily wieldable backend system

Our white label online casino solution features a simplified backend system quite easy to work with. You can have with the backend a close look of the online casino business and make changes as required without any fuss

Localized interface

Users can select from a plethora of local languages and have interface that speaks to them. Widen your reach to the target audience with multiple language options and achieve a better user experience.

Customizable bonus system

Offer the players an engaging bonus system with the customizable solution created by our developers. Integrate the bonus system into the white label gaming platform and attract customers with irresistible offers.

Several payment gateways

Make casino games a cakewalk for the players with payment gateways they are comfortable handling. Our expertise lies in cryptocurrency options too. With the best payment gateway options to provide, you can increase your user base effortlessly. The availability of numerous payment gateways helps you make the platform quite localized in its approach to managing customers.

Marketing support

Integrate Telegram and WhatsApp bots to the interface to make marketing offers to customers. You can ask customers to bring more numbers through affiliate programs which we design and make ready to use for you. The marketing module is studded with features like player acquisition and retention support, loyalty point management, campaign regulation and management, lottery management, bonus management system, etc.

Promoting responsible gambling

We regulate and improve gambling interfaces to help white label gaming platform become a responsible entity. Our expertise in making more robust security systems helps you promote yourself as a reliable casino platform online. We are thorough with the requirements of responsible gambling and include all features that sum up the unmatched experience of playing online casino games.

Agent System

Make your gaming platform a source of extra income. Our agent system feature allows you to make money through commission whenever a player makes deposits and registers to your gaming platform.

Why choose us for white label iGaming solution

iGaming has become a popular choice among the players. We are thorough in our approach of designing the igaming platform. When you select us to be your live casino games provider, you sign up for:

Engaging interfaces

Our designer team creates interfaces that speak volumes in terms of quality and engagement. The players find interfaces self-explanatory and onboarding solutions further add to their convenience of starting with the gambling process. The interfaces are designed to promote easier navigation and faster transactions. It is important for gambling and sports betting where every second matters.

Regular content updates

We are the proven online gaming providers having focus on creating a marvelous user experience. Your platform never loses its charisma as we bring to you regular content updates, mostly monthly. Thus, your platform always looks fresh and appealing and catches the attention of the players.

More than 10000+ games

The best from the sports betting and online casino world come together at your platform when you opt for our gaming solutions. Almost every month new titles are updated. The users can get the updates regarding the same through opt-in feature. All your favorite features are included in the way you present the games to your registered users. Best features like player segmentation, management support and stable interface together create an engaging experience for the sports and casino gamblers.

Affiliate management platform

Our affiliate management platform comes with several engaging features. The related operations are made seamless such as payments can be processed directly from the back-office. One can integrate several casinos to multiply earnings from a single referral program. Main features include pre-defined payment system, user-friendly commission manager, code-free software integration for tracking campaigns, client success management operating in a dedicated manner.

Jackpot Aggregator

Create a customized jackpot for clients with Jackpot-as-a-Service feature. Make your platform competitive with value-added feature like Jackpot Aggregator. The jackpots serve the purpose of player retention and to attract potential new customers. We have developed a versatile jackpot aggregator that can complement any kind of iGaming role such as game aggregator or provider, or a functional online casino.

Gaming platform

A list of integral modules are added to the gaming platform to make it completely supportive of user experience. You will find features like anti-fraud shield, player account management, payment management cashflow reporting, CMS and game management with reporting support.

Technical support

In addition to regular technical support activities, our service model includes hosting support. You will have advantage of dedicated server hosting. Regular backups and updates will be maintained to help you have an ‘always there’ platform. Your technical support needs will be addressed by a dedicated technical account and a business account manager.

White Label license

Once you join hands with us, you need not apply for the gaming license separately. The online casino managed under the white label service enjoys the protection of our gaming license awarded by Curacao. Additionally, you have full control over the customer base and IP; thus, customers will have added peace of mind while playing at your online casino.

White Label Sportsbook Software

Betting system owners or website APIs can start their venture with least resistance by picking our White Label Sportsbook software. You concentrate on the business and we take up all related responsibilities such as licensing, integration of various features, payment module management, integration with sports oddsmakers and so on.

Branding becomes easier with our white label Sportsbook Software. Our solution complements your experience and serves you with the right tools to manage the business of sportsbook management. With our business-centric approach, you can be sure of having a seamless platform that is compelling in design and is enriched with the user-friendly features too.

Top features of Sportsbook solution

Fully functional back-office support

The back-office support helps you sail smoothly as a sportsbook business owner. You will have access to analytics reports, and full technical support to take care of the business activities. Not only daily activities, you can manage the business expansion plans, too, when you join us as a sportsbook solution seeker.

Several payment systems

If you strive to be a global entity, you need to have access to all prevalent payment systems. With the need of different payment systems, comes the pain of negotiation. Our blanket approach to providing payment gateways saves you this hassle. Wiredking sportsbook solution has both the local and global payment operators and that helps have a base of happy customers.

Our payment systems offer crypto-friendly environment. You may also find bank transfers, all popular e-wallets and merchant accounts that will allow your customers to use your interface in a hassle-free manner.

Fully managed player care

Leave complete player management and care to Wiredking experts. We help you adopt the best code of working and bring to the players the most trusted sports betting service. With our player service features, the players have the best experience right from the onboarding stage. There is a dedicated team of anti-fraud experts, too, that ensures that players get the safest possible environment to enjoy betting and make money while doing so.

We also understand how important it is to retain VIP customers. That is why, we offer VIP customer care and retention support along with other activities such as content management, player reactivation and retention, etc.

Customer-centric technical support

To grow your business, you need to segment the customers and provide them somewhat personalized solutions. It is not possible without a dedicated tech support. We understand the importance of a standalone technical support and have included it in the White Label Sports Software solution. With the help of our analytics support, you can understand the punter demands and tailor design a complete solution for them.

With our CMS that is quite responsive to the needs of customization, you can achieve the best punter experience. Your sportsbook will always be available to the punters and they will engage in the sports betting a better way, bringing you more business in return. You can rely on us for complete punter segmentation, Instant reporting and detailed analysis and personalization of bonus. Our tech support features also include PAM and CMS apart from the back office.

Fully personalized bonuses

Online sportsbook businesses can pick from a multitude of bonus options. To make the whole experience come alive and kicking, the online sportsbook software providers offer classic bonuses like free bets and cashbacks, etc. There are some bonuses unique to markets as well, which include freebet booster, Lootbox bonus, etc.

All major sports events and odds covered

Online sportsbook software users can find 1000+ unique betting markets to offer to the subscribers. They can include 150+ sports in their interface and there is the option of eSports available too.

Live in-play betting feature

A proven White label gambling solution has arrangement for live in-play betting feature. This feature creates more betting opportunities for professional punters. It is best suited for the gambling services that want to offer a single stop package to punters.

Exclusivity of markets

As a white label gaming platform provider, your need to have market exclusivity finds the best solution with us. We have the features of live streaming of matches or event updates. GEO-based betting recommendations allow the players to indulge in local matches and make money from betting. The provision for custom player notification allows players to know about the latest updates. Thus, as a platform provider, you can engage wider audiences and provide them days full of activity and fun.

Online gambling licenses

If you strive to start an online gambling business, Wiredking offers you everything you need, including licenses. Our software complies with the regulations and helps you save time that goes in applying for the same. With the fully validated licenses in hand, our solutions allow you to start the gambling business without any further delays.

We are the holders of International and National licenses and certain certifications that keeps us in the league of trusted online gambling software solution providers.

International licenses

Remote gaming or gambling license is a good feature to have should you think of exploring newer markets. It becomes easier to establish when you have the license for gaming or gambling.

Our international licenses include – Curacao (a remote gaming license), Kahnawake (remote gambling software license).

National Licenses

Having a national license implies that the site is compliant with the regulations and is safe to register with. This means more business and better opportunities to grow.

Our National Licenses include – Estonia (for B2C and B2B enterprises), Greece (B2B, B2C and manufacturer suitability license), Nigeria (B2C sports betting license), Serbia (Organizing games of chance online), Ghana (B2C) and Romania (Class 1 and Class 2 gaming licenses)

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