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Why you need a white label platform for your iGaming business

Why you need a white label platform for your iGaming business

Entertainment comes in many forms; iGaming is one of them. The sports betting and casinos were a hit but still had a lot of scope for improvement when these were available offline. The online availability of sports betting, e-sports and casinos have opened the floodgate of opportunities for punters. They can access any game that is being played around the world without bothering about the travel expenses. And they can design their own game in the form of e-sports and create a lot many betting opportunities.

A variety of gaming platforms have been developed in recent times, one of them is the White Label Gaming Platform. It is a type of business model that is gaining traction among the avid business starters who want speedier breakthrough into the iGaming sector. Let’s understand what this business is and what the advantages are.

What is a white label gaming platform?

A white label gaming platform is a product developed by the software experts. The white label company sells the technology to the businesses interested in starting a gaming or casino solution. Once they acquire the white label, they rebrand it and market it as their own. Several big names resort to white label solutions when they want to diversify their business and start to market the new offering without investing much time.

So, it is safe to say that white label is analogous to a shop with no name on it. The shop buyer uses the premise and puts its business’s name on to it and continues with the marketing activities to attract customers. The casino software developer is a different entity and provides a completely operational and scalable solution to the client.

Advantages of having a white label model of gaming platform

Having a white label model of gaming platform comes with the benefits of ease of starting the business. This platform is developed by the seasoned experts who know everything about gaming and its requirements. A few major advantages of white label gaming platform are discussed in this section.

  1. The best standard of quality

White label developers are the experts who possess complete know-how of the technical aspect of starting an iGaming business. They include the finest functionalities in the template that may stand out in deliverability, robustness, safety and usability. Thus, the end users get the best experience of playing casinos, or while betting in sports.

The white label software is designed with the best features which may not be possible to include for a business that is champion of any other related field. For instance, the casino business, when interested in starting a crypto casino, may need the experts of crypto to provide them a solution that they can use to start the business. Similarly, the sports betting software, iGaming software and e-sports betting software can be developed on a white label model, allowing a casino operator to expand its business and reach to a wider audience.

  • A mature platform with multiple features

The white label model is characterized by a mature platform that is a cut above a starter package. The maturity is evident in the form of responsiveness of the platform to the needs of the bettors. The software contains all the features that allow the business owners to cater to a wider audience. It includes several gaming options under categories like casino, sports betting, e-sports, crypto casino, etc. The users are given the freedom to choose from a wide range of payment channels too.

Thus, the punters may be given full support in starting their betting activities and diversifying them to various ventures. The white label model comes as a ready-to-use solution that can help businesses have user-friendly solutions like multiple betting options, payments in various currencies, several payment channels, customer care, and lot more.

The betting service providers reach out to the white label solution providers and discuss their requirements in detail. The white label company matches the requirements with the solutions available with them and stand by the client till the seamless integration is achieved. Thus, the business owners get the precise solution that meets their start-up or expansion needs and they can achieve speedier implementation of business ideas.

  • Cost-effective solution

A white label company dispenses a business’s need of having a full-fledged department for development of a casino software. The businesses don’t need to spend on employee and infrastructural expenses when they adopt a white label model of starting a casino or sports betting platform. A readymade solution developed by the experts of the field save a lot of technical glitches. The time required for debugging and testing is reduced; sometimes, it is completely eliminated. Thus, the businesses enter the market faster and start making money with fewer investments to handle.

How a white label gaming software is developed

The top requirements for developing a white label gaming software are

  • Website design that works well on both iPhones and Android platforms
  • Domain name with SSL certificates and anti-fraud mechanism
  • Anti-hijacking technology
  • High speed network system
  • Cyber security solutions
  • Backend system comprising of team management support and reports management
  • Agent management system
  • Funds management system
  • Player management support
  • Access to all games and trending titles
  • Robust customer support system

The developer incorporates all these features in the white label casino software and hands over the system to the buyer. The buyer can start using this system after requisite branding and announce its arrival in the field through proper channels.

How to select the white label software company for gaming

It is established beyond doubt that the white label company provides readily usable solution to the casino and gaming business owners. Hence, the company must be selected after thorough research and ample caution. The points worth considering while selecting the white label software company for gaming are:

  • Availability of wide range of templates

Every business has its unique voice. The template should complement that voice. A white label software company must be able to understand the scale, the playing area and the ambitions of a business and provide a solution that proves effective for a wide span of time. It should have multiple templates to offer to the clients so that the latter can make a well-informed choice.

  • Resource-rich company

A gaming solution is media-intensive in nature. Thus, the white label software company should have access to all resources needed for developing a meaningful website that engages all senses of the user. The company should have a plethora of customizable templates that can be modified as per the needs of the businesses. The templates should have a good recall value which allows the businesses to get recognized among a pool of competitors.

  • Expertise in both casino and sports apps

By including both the casino and sports betting in the app, the businesses are able to get more customers. They are always busy catering to the needs of the customers and earn revenues through stake amounts in return. Some successful betting services have clocked businesses 24 by 7 due to their presence in the form of an app and by the inclusion of both the casino and sports app. Thus, they can extract more revenues from the investment made and can have a wider customer base.

  • Localized features in apps

The white label company must understand the requirements of running a globally acclaimed betting service company. Such company can be a great support for the business by providing options like different currencies, and also cryptocurrencies and different payment methods prevalent in various parts of the world. Thus, the software behaves as expected by the punters stationed in different regions and provide them an application with native appeal.

Thus, all these features can help a betting company have a solution that enables it to become a good choice of the punters.

While selecting the company as a white label solution as a client, you must hold a detailed conversation with the provider. The conversation should revolve around the strengths and limitations of the company. As a client, you can ask for the demo and get details about the working philosophy of the company. The other people from related fields and friends can be a good resource for finding about the reputation of the company. Apart from finding from the people, one can consider the following as well:

  1. Read advertisements and other promotional materials about the white label company
  2. Gather news regarding the company’s performance and how it keeps up with the prevailing trends in the iGaming industry
  3. Go deep in finding about the reputation and history of the white label software company and understand its background
  4. Get a demo of the templates and also get the quote to compare it with offers of the other companies

To sum up,

A white label software provider offers a speedier solution to start the online betting business or diversify the existing activities. You must be aware of all the features that are needed to run the betting business online. While selecting the white label software company for gaming, ensure that you have read about the company thoroughly and have developed a rapport with the experts for better collaboration.

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