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Wiredking White Label
Gaming Solutions

We specialize in providing white label gaming business solutions to help companies establish a strong presence in the online gaming industry. Our solutions include customizable front-end and back-office systems, ensuring that our clients can launch their online gaming operations quickly and efficiently. With our expertise and industry-leading technology, companies can focus on growing their brand and expanding their customer base, while leaving the technical aspects of the business to us.



We offer an efficient setup service, providing quick access to our front-end and back-office systems. Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly and customizable, allowing you to create a unique brand identity. Our platform offers a range of template options to help you establish your brand and establish a strong online presence.


To enhance your experience and provide greater value, we have decided to waive some fees, including the first three months of maintenance fees and one month of bank bot fees. Our package includes a reliable server and the option to upgrade your server package, ensuring a stable and efficient operation.


Our platform offers a diverse range of gaming options, including Live Video Games, Electronic Gaming, Lottery Games, Sports Competitions, e-Sports, Chess and Card Games, and a blend of popular Chinese and Western Games. This variety of options allows you to immerse yourself in an exciting and engaging gaming experience.


We offer comprehensive, one-stop diversified services, including operational training, and dedicated consultants. Our exceptional rear support will ensure your peace of mind, enabling you to concentrate on increasing your business profitability.


Our platform has a strong system in place to protect against various types of online attacks, such as DDoS or CC attacks. We can usually defend against these types of attacks within 24 hours. Additionally, we use special technology to help prevent unauthorized access to your information. We also use advanced encryption algorithms to keep your data safe while it is being transmitted.


Our platform leverages the most advanced server specifications and a comprehensive global network to deliver a fast and reliable gaming experience to our users.

What is a White Label Casino

White Label Casino is a fully developed software ready to use after making a few brand-specific changes. It ensures faster entry into the market and cuts the cost required for developing casino software from scratch. By using a white-label gaming solution, businesses can save on costs incurred in development, recruitment of staff, testing and others. The business owner can launch a casino by branding the white-label casino as its own and start operations much sooner.

What does white label casino solution contain

A white-label casino solution comprises all the functionalities needed to run an online casino. You may find in it the payment methods, games’ library, promotions and bonuses and other relevant features crucial to the operations of an online casino. Once you settle on a particular white-label casino, you can change the games library and add or remove the payment methods per your preference.

Therefore, a white-label casino provider can help a prospective casino business owner start operations sooner and on a budget. Because of the flexibility and time-saving aspect, several online casino operators pick up the white-label alternatives and enter the market or diversify their offerings.

Benefits of white label casino solutions

A white-label casino provider deals in a licensed product, which removes a significant headache for businesses that want to foray into the casino industry. A licensed casino earns the venture the credibility a player seeks in an online casino solution. In addition to the license, the solution comprises of trending games library, localized features like language, currency and payment methods and promotions & bonuses options. Since the complete design is customizable, the casino owner can style up the product as per the brand personality.

Components of white label casino package

When a business owner buys the package from a white label casino solution provider, the following features come along with it:

Enriched library of games

You can find games from all top-notch games providers such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, etc. It is entirely up to the client what kind of games and from which provider are to be included in the software. The custom casino software design allows to make as many changes as required, the white label solution provider considers all the requirements and incorporates updations accordingly.

Localized features

The players are most likely to stick to that casino which offers all the familiar features. The online casino operators can discuss with the white label provider the area and scale of operation and may pick from the multiple payment methods, currency options, languages, and games genres that are relevant to their business. The skin of the software is also customized by including pictures and thumbnails which the visitors can easily relate with. 

Secured payment gateways

The white label package of casino comprises of all the payment gateways and methods trending across the globe. The business owner has the freedom to remove the options which are least likely to be used by their target audience. By including familiar payment gateways, the casino operators can win the loyalty of the customers as it helps speed up transactions and start the gameplay sooner. Consequently, the best player experience can be achieved.

Faster to market application

Since there are only the final touch-ups required in the software, the businesses can get the product that can be introduced in the market faster. Thus, the white label casino provider presents itself as a ready-to-use solution that the businesses can adopt and integrate and release in less time than what is required for the development from scratch.



User-friendly GUI

White label package’s main highlight is the GUI, a platform that audiences directly interact with. The white label providers have a plethora of GUI themes and templates to offer. They customize the interface and blend it with the brand personality so that the businesses can capitalize on their brand value.

Complete bonus system

Casinos are unimaginable without bonuses. White label software takes full care of this aspect and provides bonus system that can be integrated easily into the application and presented to the players.


It is the most crucial thing to have for a successful online casino business. The white label software for casino comes with a valid license as it gets the functionalities tested in advance for fairness and usability. Thus, the businesses need not waste time in paperwork when they buy the white label package from the software provider.

Affiliate program

Many casinos offer affiliate program to encourage players to help them expand their user base. This feature integrated in the software allows faster implementation and allows visitors to make use of it for the business’s benefit.

Automated mailing system

Several alerts and reminders are to be communicated to the casino players. The automated mailing system helps keep the customers updated on the events of online casino. Thus, inclusion of this system in the white label package helps meet the communication requirements.

Customer support

The casinos thrive on a robust and fully-functional customer support. The self-help guides, FAQs, live chat feature, online contact form, etc. are some of the customer support features that are included in the white label package to win customer’s confidence.

Stages in the WLC development

Stage 1

Need procurement and analysis: Developers hold discussions and outline the requirements

Stage 2

Outcome analysis: Discussion over the outcomes the software can deliver

Stage 3

Project planning: Based on discussions, the project plan is prepared that covers all gaps

Stage 4

Software designing: Draft is prepared and then it is evaluated and reconciled with the needs and put forth for approval

Stage 5

Web and mobile app preparation: Actual designing and custom development starts

Stage 6

Activation of features: Game providers and payment methods, bonus system activation is done

Stage 7

Additional features: If additional features are required, these are integrated into the software at additional cost per customization request

Stage 8

Website testing: All the features and functionalities are tested

Stage 9

Final launch: The site is handed over for the launch and post-launch changes are noted and implemented.

Some white label software providers may offer maintenance package, too, in which regular site or app maintenance activities are included.