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iGambling B2B solutions

iGambling B2B solutions

Online Gambling Business Made Easy

WiredKing is at the forefront of the betting industry offering the clients an unending list of live casino and sports betting iGambling B2B solutions. More than 1000 sports betting companies have been served in over 100 countries, in fully customized manner to meet the individual  requirements of gambling businesses. We offer sportsbook, casino gaming software and various service packages features-enriched to meet the expectations of the players.

We offer readymade templates, turnkey betting service of B2B category and lot more to help the online gambling companies start their venture with no hassle. Share your requirements with us and we will design the gambling software for you that will reach the market the fastest possible.

Betting Services

WiredKing stays abreast of the updates happening in the betting market and offers time-tested solutions. Our focus is to help you operate in a cost-effective manner and maximize returns. Further, we have developed scalable solutions for all types of businesses so that operations become easier and quicker to start. Management is sure to become simplified with our solutions for gambling software companies.

  1. Pre-match odds service

Stay ahead of the competition with the most elaborate pre-match odds service

Want to create and manage your sportsbook? WiredKing has got the right solution for you. We don’t stop at providing odds creation support only. You can employ our solution to monitor the market performance and confirm results too.

With our gambling software, you can offer the customers lakhs of sporting events from more than 90 sports options. If you have your list of sports to be added, we take that request and fulfil the requirement to the client satisfaction.

  • Maximize engagement with most promising live odds service

Live odds betting is pure fun and you can make it more entertaining by partnering with us. We can develop for you in-play trading service which is vouched for by the best bookmakers across the world.

Our tested live odds models are ready to use; thus, you save time as well as resources and start your gambling platform without investing much. You can achieve better customer engagement by offering a wide variety of live betting services. Share with us all sports you want to have and we will create the best-suited live odds model for you.

  • Most updated data at one place offered by the live data service

The situations in betting change every moment. WiredKing’s live data service is the perfect answer to adjust to such ever-changing scene. Our in-house live data technology offers data in fast and secure manner with real time gaming software to help you provide your customers most updated information.

  • Virtual sports that offer complete control

Offer your customers the comfort of virtual sports betting. Trail-blazing simulated reality games with complete data comprising of latest and historical updates can be provided to players. Our expertise lies in offering simulated reality games in genres like cricket, soccer and tennis. The resources include analysis, tally table, live stats that enhance the experience of using virtual sports gambling platform.

Live Casino Games Software

Collection of the best live casino games providers curated for you

The thrill of physical casinos can now be experienced by playing the games like baccarat, roulette and blackjack online. Our backdrops are catchy and vibrant and are close to what one witnesses at the land-based casinos. All live games popularly found at city casinos developed in online format by the best online gambling software providers are available with us. If you have other ideas in mind, we are happy to implement.

Benefits of buying online gaming software from us

Prolific gambling software portfolio

Our online gambling software for casino games are based on live dealer theme. Single contract and fast gambling software integration support can help you start your live casino in least time. We have brought you the live casino games from the top iGambling software providers so that you are never falling behind the competition.

Tools for reporting and gaming history

Enjoy better control over the player activity with information provided in a comprehensive manner. The tools for reporting and gaming history are designed to add to convenience.

All game features explained

Players can pick from the catalogue that is designed to offer ultimate experience. The game features may include icons and backgrounds for easier identification. Players may also know about the RTP and volatility factor to decide about trying the casino game.

24hr customer support absolutely free

We walk you through onboarding and handle all operational queries responsibly with 24h customer support. The support is provided absolutely free of cost for ensuring client satisfaction and ease of use.

Secured casino experience

With our risk management tool, you can extend a safe and secure gambling experience to your clients. There is an anti-fraud system also in-built into the iGaming software platform that safeguards the interests of the agencies involved.

Market yourself with affiliate system

Grow your gambling business by integrating robust affiliate system into the online gambling software. You can tap into the network of affiliates to bring more traffic to your online gambling site.


Fully-managed online gaming software delivers maximum value to the gambling business owners. Our turnkey solutions cover all the features you need to start the online casino. So, the moment an idea strikes your mind, we are here to convert it into a solution.

Speedy start and complete backup

A real casino experience to offer

We are the leading iGaming B2B company that knows what goes into making of an online casino site. You can depend on us for online gambling software that offers realistic casino experience to players. We have the options available for all businesses of different sizes and operating at various scales. If you want to enrich your existing online gambling platform, you can reach us for all the help you need. Live casino experience is offered by

  1. Exceptional streaming quality and the content is made available in several languages
  2. Multiple currency support for expanding player profile
  3. Various formats of the popular live casino games like roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, etc.

All types of live casino games at one place

Roulette – American, European and French Roulette options are developed for offering a captivating experience. We also provide specialized roulette tables like double ball roulette, speed roulette, and others.

Baccarat – Speed Baccarat, No commission Baccarat and Lightning Baccarat – you name it and we have the expertise to offer it.

Blackjack – Gold Blackjack, Platinum Blackjack, fast speed Blackjack and classic Blackjack. Enhance the customer experience with our backdrops that imitate the lively atmosphere of city casinos.

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