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Ride on the benefits of white label software for gaming: A quick way to a flourishing business

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Online gaming is a fast-growing trend. With an upward surge witnessed in the popularity of online gaming, every gaming business aspires to be available online. To make the online gaming solution dream come true, the aspiring businesses can switch to white label gaming solutions. In this post, let’s explore:

  • What is white label and what white label gaming solution means
  • Advantages of white label gaming solutions
  • Top features of white label gaming

What is white label and what white label gaming solution means

White label means that the product is developed by a professional company and then leased out or sold to another business that markets it as its own. It is just like a product manufactured in a factory and branded as the client business’s offering.

The white label gaming solution refers to a complete platform which is ready to go live after including certain changes if needed. The solution includes all the features needed by a player for a seamless experience. It is easy and fast to roll out in the market as only minimal changes related to branding are to be made. Since the development does not involve many changes, the cost incurred is less.

Advantages of white label gaming solutions

The white label gaming solutions are developed in-house by reputed software companies. These companies source the license first, which can be used by the client company using this solution. Thus, the first advantage is that the aspiring gaming companies need not go through the tough process of procuring the license. It is readily provided to them in the white label gaming software. Other advantages are:

  • Unmatched flexibility: Businesses availing white label software have the freedom to add or remove some games from the solution. They can make this decision based on the market research and customer expectation mapping. This flexibility to add or remove games to a chosen limit helps put together the solution fast, and also allows the gaming business to have a solution that meets their requirements. A generic platform consisting of a fixed number of games, payment methods and bonus offers a solution that is ready to roll. It helps the business owner get a step closer to the dream of starting an online gaming platform.
  • Cost-effective development: Those businesses who want to kickstart the casino business can save on development cost by opting the white label route. Since it is a ready-to-go-live solution, they save on the staff maintenance cost. The businesses get into an agreement with the white label gaming solutions provider. According to this agreement, the business owner agrees to share a part of revenue generated from the white label solution with the sportsbooks software providers in lieu of all technical assistance he provides. The cost comes out to be way lower than that involved in developing a platform from scratch.
  • Safe and secure platform: The white label gaming solutions are developed while keeping in place the best security solutions. Thus, such platforms don’t suffer from the cyber threats and keep the player information secured too. Being quite secured, the white label gaming solution easily wins the trust of the players. As a result, such solutions are quite likely to get more referrals giving the business owner a positive push and a better position in the market.

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  • Multi-language and multi-currency platform: The casino owners can strive to cater to a wider audience by using the white label casino platform. Developers include various languages and currencies options in the platform which wins the confidence of players from a wider geographical base. Thus, the casino owners can meet their requirement of operating in multiple countries and deliver the top-notch experience to the players with different sensibilities.
  • Thousands of games offered: In a white label gaming solution, the players are offered thousands of titles. There are games developing companies which are approached for building the games library. The library comprises slot games, live casino games, lottery games, and many more. Most of the online white label casinos also offer sports and esports for betting. Such a plethora of games helps keep the players engaged in the platform. As a result, the player tends to stay loyal to the platform and refers it to friends and family as well, thereby helping the casino increase its user base quicker.

Features of white label casino

The white label gaming solution has proved to be a useful casino software developer solution for the casino owners owing to the features like:

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Whether the player uses iOS or Android device, he can enjoy the casino games with no exception. The white label casinos are made using responsive codes that help deliver the same quality experience across all devices. Thus, the players can start playing their favorite titles without making any big investment on devices.
  • Lots of bonuses and promotion offers: In a white label gaming solution, the bonuses and promotional offers of various types are included. Thus, the players can benefit from the additional financial support available and stay in the games for long.
  • Customizable back-office: The white label casino platform comes with customizable back-office. As a result, the client company can manage the operations and make effective use of analytics for the business growth as well. It also means minimum response time to any issues and better experience at the front end.
  • 24 by 7 customer support: The white label gaming solution provider serves the client round the clock. Thus, the client businesses never suffer a downtime due to any technical issue, which means more business hours and more revenues eventually.

To sum up,

The white label casino solutions take the hassle out of the casino development process and provide the client companies a ready-to-use solution. Not only is the development time less, the post-development support is also available to the casino owner. With the use of multi-currency and multi-language features, lots of payment methods and omnipresent customer support, the casino owner can cater to a wider audience and have a gigantic customer base.

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