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How to enter the sports betting online market in the USA

Sports betting was never as convenient and fun as it is in present times. Thanks to online sportsbooks, bettors can convert their mobile phones into online betting slips and cash their love for sports anytime, anywhere. This convenience has drawn several people in the USA towards online sports bookies. Currently, 40 sportsbooks are having legal operations in the USA alone. Such a promising market may look appealing to you. If yes, it is time to brush up on your knowledge about the sports bookie software providers in USA who can ease your entry into the US sports betting online market.

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Startling facts about the US sports betting market

The US sports betting market has become a promising playground for business owners even with limited resources. Before starting your journey, take a look at the facts that make the sports bookie business a venture with money-minting potential.

  1. USD 16 billion is the expected market size that the US is likely to touch by 2032.
  2. The US sports bookie business is growing YoY at a CAGR of 12% approx.
  3. According to the PEW Research Center, 1 in 5 Americans have wagered on sports at least once a year
  4. NFL is the most popular sport on which Americans bet the most
  5. In the year 2021, sports betting saw a whooping rise of 180%, and the growth is still on

All these facts seem to be the reason for the rising demand for online bookie software among aspiring businesses. 

So, to milk all the potential lying in the US online sports betting market, you can choose the online bookie route.

What to expect in an online bookie software

The online bookie market in the US is quite a competitive one. With about 40 sportsbooks working legally, you may need to play safe at the entry stage. Thus, teaming with professional sports bookie providers in the USA can be a wise option. When you are all set to start the project with your prospective sports bookie provider, expect the following features to appear in your discussion.

  1. Online betting slip

The core activity that comprises sports betting is picking the odd and filling out the betting slip where you mention the side you favor and the amount you intend to stake. This betting slip is made quite visible through CTA buttons placed at various spots on the home page of the web app as well as on other pages. You can safely call the betting slip the transactional unit of a sportsbook app. So, the appearance and the number of inputs from the bettor can be discussed to arrive at a remarkably appealing betting slip.

  • Odds chart

Almost all the sports that are popular among the US bettors may be listed in the online sportsbook. The sports bookie software providers in USA design the odds chart simply and engagingly. They may provide a placement on the home page for odds on various betting markets, such as Correct Score, Asian Handicap, 1X2 Fixed Odds, Half-time/Full-time winner, and so on. The odds chart mentions the favorite and underdog sides and the odds that are assigned to those. Thus, the bettors may pick the side based on their research and tips from experts and choose the stake amount.

  • Sports list

In the solution provided by the sports bookie software providers in USA, you may ask to include as many sports as desired. The sports choice depends on whether the solution is white-label or a fully custom solution. The availability of multiple sports in the software allows the bettors to make a combination of bets across the events and spread the risk. They may also get the chance to multiply their earnings. 

Exploring the sports list further, you may find the events that are available for betting upon. Usually, the bookie is expected to showcase lots of matches from various leagues being played across the world. It is for this uninhibited access to events and matches that any bettor loves spending time on the sportsbook. Football, Basketball, and NBA matches top the list of events preferred by the US bettors. An innovative sportsbook also includes live matches in the app and gives access to ongoing matches for in-play betting. So, this feature can be discussed when you want to serve a features-enriched platform to your customers.

  • Payment methods

To make the betting process safe and successful, emphasis should be put on the payment methods. The most known payment methods among the US sports bettors are Skrill, Neteller, ACH Payments, and PayNearMe, apart from Paypal, Master and Visa cards. While designing the platform, the sports bookie software providers in USA may be asked to include these payment methods. The business owner needs to have a contract with the payment gateway provider, and so, the choices are to be made as per the budget set for the same.

  • Customer Account

The bettors are given a dashboard and menu to facilitate interacting with the sportsbook. They can fill in the information asked for to complete registration and create their profile. Their account also keeps a record of the bets placed, profits/losses made, bets under settlement, and so on. This is an important front-end feature of the online sports bookie software, and usually, the area where the bettors spend most of their time. 

Besides, these the site needs to be protected with site security, fraud identification and prevention mechanisms, and data encryption methods. It helps build a reputed image among the bettors.

To conclude,

The sports bookie software providers in USA can offer you a wholesome solution for starting an online sportsbook. Several states in the USA have made sports betting legal since 2018. Hence, those wishing to tap the potential of this market can make bookie software their starting point. It offers better reach, more engagement, and quick results in terms of revenue generation. Thus, on a limited budget, the sportsbook business can be started with the help of software. Reach the professional providers to know more about how to proceed and set up the sportsbook at the earliest and easiest terms.

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