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Sports Bookie Software Development

sports betting software development

Sports betting can be made more fun with our sportsbook solution. The sportsbook operators who want to start their online sports betting venture can find the best support in our sports handicapping software. We are familiar with the moneylines and various oddsmaking methods that are quite in vogue among the regular sports bettors.

Types of sports betting software available

White label Sports betting software

White label is the fastest-to-market sports betting software as it takes the least time to build. Moreover, it is the most cost-efficient way option available.

Just like other solutions, the white label sports betting software supports all localized features. The bettors may be given multiple choices of currencies and languages. Thus, no matter where your customers are, our white label sportsbook solution serves their needs just right.

Apart from the currencies and languages, the bettors may find the payment systems that are functional in their part of the world. Credit cards – Visa and Master Card, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies and many more payment methods can be availed.

A few of the detailed customization modules may be missing in the White Label Sports betting software, but it works the best when you are eyeing for a minimum value product which is fast to achieve and quite cost-effective.

With regular system updates, and cross-platform mobile solutions, you can get a fully functional white label sports bookie software.

Turnkey sports betting software

Turnkey sports betting software is the best bet when you have a number of features to be included conceptualized. You can opt from the ready-to-use templates developed by WiredKing or may share your requirements to get your thoughts weaved into a sportsbook solution.

Turnkey takes the longest to develop but is desired owing to the premium features it offers. The solution grants access to more than 3,50,000 pre-match events. Also, the users will be able to participate in more than 2,00,000 live events.

Turnkey Sports Betting Advantage

Several advantageous features are included in the turnkey sports betting solution to make starting of business easier. By opting for this solution, you buy for yourself the following advantages:

  1. All currencies and languages supported
  2. Live chat feature integrated to the platform
  3. Loyalty programs for customer engagement
  4. Sports bonuses and free bets options
  5. CRM and automated emailing system
  6. Content updates
  7. Advanced reporting

WiredKing offers fully responsive turnkey sports betting solution optimized to function on mobiles phones, laptops, and desktops smoothly.

Sportsbook operators also can have regular software updates which they can work upon with the help of tech support provided 24 hours.

The facility to enter into contract with different payment method providers is available on our sportsbook platform; also, Visa and MasterCard can be accepted to execute the betting process.

Fully customizable front end

Sportsbook solution seekers get fully customizable front-end design when they partner with us. The customization options include:

  1. Color scheme change
  2. Customization of banner positions and designs. Clients can also share their own design ideas and we will make it precisely as desired
  3. Widget customization and block rearranging on the webpage

Localization support, custom odds and lines, payout alternatives with commission adjustment and customization of live events are other features that are offered in front end customization support.

Self-service Sportsbook Software

As a self-service sportsbook solution provider, we help you with consultation, technical documents for development and tech support. It is ideal for bookies who have in-house team of developers and IT staff to take care of technical aspects of sportsbook functioning.

Self-service Sportsbook Software Advantage

Self-service Sportsbook solution is available for the sports betting software providers who need a little more than what a White Label Software can provide but at a low cost.

The main advantages of self-service sports betting software comprise:

  1. Support for all currencies
  2. Unlimited languages
  3. Bonus and free bet options
  4. Live chat integration
  5. Integrated CRM and automate email support system
  6. Loyalty system
  7. 24hr customer support
  8. Automated software updates

Customization support

When you have a website design in mind, you can implement it to perfection with the self-service sportsbook solution. The resultant website is embellished with fully customizable front end and allows customers to have an improved experience from time to time.

You can get done widget customizations to begin with. Changing the color schemes and banner positions and looks is also possible. Several other functionalities are possible to customize; all you need to do is sit and discuss and our team will serve you with the right solutions.

Geolocation technologies for localization, live events configuration, customizable odds and lines and payout with adjusted commission are some of the custom functionalities which can be worked upon to achieve a sophisticated bettor experience.

Top Sportsbook Features

WiredKing Sports betting software has several user-friendly features that help bettors have an awesome experience. These include

  1. Match tracking interfaces
  2. Sports betting odds
  3. All sports leagues
  4. All bet types
  5. Odds converter
  6. 65,000+ live events
  7. Customizable interfaces
  8. Multiple language and currencies support

<h2>Integration of bookie back-office</h2>

Developing a full-fledged sports betting website from scratch is not our only forte. We can also integrate additional features to an existing platform. The back-office integration support of ours can help you have a complete sportsbook suite. Also, you can enrich the website with additional sportsbook features that we develop as APIs which are easier to integrate.

Start bookie business with us

You can start your sportsbook business with ease by partnering with us.

All live events, pre-match betting odds, and other items of customer engagement are available to achieve a bettor-centric sportsbook software.

We are the leading betting software providers having understanding of different betting markets that operate globally. As a result of our partnering, you can create interfaces that bettors will love to associate with.

Book consultation for sports bookie software development

Why wait long for starting the sports bookie business? Our solutions are easier to implement and updates are automated as well. Reach us for understanding how we can help you start your online bookmaker business the fastest possible and get into a fulfilling collaboration.

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