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The Role of Casino Software Development Companies in Promoting Responsible Gambling

The Role of Casino Software Development Companies in Promoting Responsible Gambling

Casino games are addictive in nature, it is a well-known fact. The onus lies on casino owners and the software development companies to ensure that the players are engaged in the games for safe time periods. The focus should not be on extracting as much money as possible from the gambler but to provide quality recreation. It can be achieved when the casino software development company takes the responsibility and incorporates features that promote responsible gambling.

Listed here are some of the ways white label casino software development companies can adopt to ensure the promotion of responsible gambling.

Periodic checking of regulatory framework following

The casino games are developed while following the regulations set by authorities. These regulations are framed in a way to ensure that the gamblers are putting the money for betting responsibly. Not only the following of regulatory framework is to be ensured, but also the regular checking of guidelines is necessary. The casino software development companies  keep an eye on the changes, if any, announced in the regulations and implement changes as suggested.

The casino games are checked for calibration regularly. The casino software developers for casino games offer guidelines on how to check the games for calibration and provide software updates that take care of the changes in the working.

Using statutory warning messages in a personalized manner

The casino software development company can don a researcher’s hat on and get into the skin of the gambler. By understanding various gambler types that can be segregated based on risk appetite, tendency to spend time at casino and other factors, they can design the responsible gambling messages that resonate with the users.

The key to success in drafting statutory warning message lies in decoding the persona of gamblers. So, by using artificial intelligence and other research methods, the casino software development companies can formulate the customized warning messages and help the players make cognitive selections.


Adherence to the best practice standards

As a responsible casino software provider, the companies can design the code of standards for themselves. These standards are formulated to ensure that the developers know how to proceed with the project execution. The focus is to ensure timely delivery of software while adhering to the quality norms. Also, the development companies can outline the training requirements of the employees so that all are equipped with the knowledge and resources required for creating tools that promote responsible gambling.

Inclusion of self-exclusion support

Self-exclusion is the practice followed by individuals using which they take a break from gambling. They choose the period for which they are excluding themselves from gambling games. It is done to fight the tendency to make gambling a habit and to divert mind to other important tasks. The software development companies can include the self-exclusion feature and allow the players to use it as per their discretion. These experts can provide better control to the gamblers and help them restrict the scope of gambling to providing entertainment only.

Incorporating fraud detection mechanism

The use of software development for detecting account scams can help in keeping the gambling environment clean. Developers provide the scam detection feature by developing a consolidated user database which can help pinpoint the suspicious IDs. While developing this database, the rules for matching the data and verifying the IDs are formed. Thus, gamblers are not prone to scams and they get a clean and safe interface to enjoy their casino time.

Apart from introducing the fraud ID detection mechanism, the software development companies can make arrangements for analysis and updation of rules used for matching data. It ensures that the mechanism works correctly and does not go obsolete after a certain period.


Prevention of under-age gambling

The casino software comes with a feature of identifying the under-age gambler. This feature uses fool-proof ways to verify the age of the gambler. Use of scanners for filtering the fake IDs is one of the sophisticated solutions that help the software development companies to meet the objective.

Under-age gambling is a serious concern and needs proper intervention by the casino companies. They can find solace in such measures and ensure that the gamblers are legally allowed to play the games. Preventing under-age gambling is an important feature of responsible gambling and can be ensured by incorporating appropriate solution at the development stage itself.

Provision for educational email cycle

Casino software development companies understand the importance of educating the gamblers from time to time. That is why, they set the provision for sending educational emails in a periodic manner. In these educational emails, the importance of adopting responsible gambling can be discussed. What constitutes a responsible gambling habit can also be the topic of discussion. Such feature in the casino software helps keep the players aware of the advantages of responsible gambling.

System for non-monetary rewards

At the end of the day, gambling is only a recreational activity and not some means of making money. So, shelling out only the monetary gains can be avoided while designing the rewards program. Software development companies can keep the provision for complimentary meal coupons, free tickets to any event, or to announce free merchandise to the gamblers. This move can prevent the players from addictive gambling.

Facility to spot a problem gambler

A problem gambler is logged on to the software for unprecedented lengths of time or is pumping money into the casino account more frequently and in larger amounts. The casino software developers can include the provision for spotting the problematic behavior and issue warnings in an automated manner. It allows to keep the unusual gambling activity in check and advises the players to gamble responsibly.

Advise on responsible advertising

Advertising the casino activities is a necessary activity. But it should be done with sensitivity. The software development companies can team with the advertisers and help create promotional messages that do not target the vulnerable audience. Also, the advertisement message should talk about safe financial limits to adopt while gambling. With the help of support for responsible advertising, the software developers can help casinos adopt a responsible way of promoting their offers.

Help set limit for deposits

Gambling requires self-discipline. The casino software can be made supportive of practicing self-discipline by enabling the intervention message display feature. A gambler can be made to set the deposit limit and frequency and when the instance arises that can cause crossing of limit, the display of intervention message can encourage the gambler to practice caution. Thus, the problem of mindless spending can be tackled with the help of setting the deposit limit.

Development of various RG (Responsible Gambling) programs

An online casino with a good brand value can fare better in terms of consumer experience with RG programs. The problem gambler can be a menace to the family and society. More serious issue is that the problem gambler does not realize the issue. Hence, mentally nudging the gambler is essential to follow the rules of being a responsible gambling entity. The software development companies engaged in providing casino solutions develop templates for RG programs and work in this direction. By using content that is more direct and designed to fit the gambler behavior, the effectiveness of RG programs is increased.


Provide information on responsible play behaviors

While developing the software, the companies can make it a point to provide information on responsible play behavior. This behavior broadly comprises points like:

  • Not mixing gambling with alcohol
  • Sticking to the betting budget
  • Sticking to the time-limit
  • Not to chase loss
  • Making it a point to take a break from gambling
  • Making a habit to devise a plan before starting to gamble

The gamblers belong to different age-groups and display varying gambling habits. With the help of features that help display customized information to the gamblers, the software development companies can create a responsible interface. The messages flashed from time to time (but without interrupting the game too much) or through emails, the developers can fulfill the responsibility of educating the gamblers about responsible play behavior.

Key principles of Responsible Gambling to remember

The casino software development companies can do better in meeting the objectives of RG programs by keeping in mind the following principles:

  • Gambling is not to be considered a source of income; it should be treated as a recreational activity.
  • The gamblers should not display behavior that proves threatening to savings, friends and family
  • The gamblers should entertain themselves in a socially responsible manner
  • Casino games should provide safe environment to gamblers and all the information should be stored in a fully cryptic manner.
  • Software security updates should be carried automatically and as per the recommendations.

To sum up,

The casino environment can be made quite responsible from the very stage of development. While wireframing the software, the developers can think of all the features that contribute to responsible gambling. With the help of customized messaging, mobile-friendliness, fraud ID detection, and other facilities, the casino software development companies promote responsible gambling. Continuous research in this direction is also a desirable move.

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