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Be ready to rule online casino market with white label casino solutions

White label casino solutions

Online casino is a multi-billion market and it is registering constant growth of about 7.8%, according to Statista. This market can become easy to enter if you get access to a ready-to-roll solution. White label casino solutions are such solutions that equip an aspirant with all the right features needed to start and manage an online casino. These solutions come with features that allow easy management of both front-office and back-office processes. As a result, the casino operator can indulge in branding and marketing activity with singular approach.

The white label casinos – top advantages

When you want to test the waters and have plans to start with a limited budget, the white label casino solutions can help. These solutions encompass all features needed to kickstart the online casino project. The providers of these solutions have studied several casino interfaces and included the features that help achieve a wholesome solution. With little branding-related customizations, the casino solution is ready to open the virtual doors to the players. So, the main advantages that white label casinos offer owing to such approach of development are:

  1. Cost-effective solution

The newbies in the casino business can work at low cost with white label casino solutions. These solutions are fully developed and there is no need to incur the cost in maintaining a developer wing in the office. The providers offer the packages at a very low cost, making it financially feasible to give green signal to the project. Thus, the cost becomes easier to manage and does not pose a hindrance to the plans of starting an online casino.

  • AI-empowered back office

An intuitive process pool at the back office helps the casino operators manage their day-to-day operations with no fuss. They can make use of back-office features to enhance profitability of the business. These features include:

  • Smart wallet: The smart wallet does a number of calculations automatically making it easier for the operators to understand their overall liability correctly. The wallet loads in a user-centric manner allowing the players to know their current status at any point in time. It calculates bonuses and rewards which the player avails, using which the players can plan their time at casino.
  • Automated bank bot: At online casino, the players need a constant support for carrying out withdrawals and deposits. The automated bank bot feature provides round-the-clock support for enabling transactions. The casino operators can analyze the customer experience with the help of records provided by this bot.
  • Rebate calculation: At online casinos, the players enjoy a lot of benefits including rebates. Calculating rebates can be a nerve-wrecking task, but with the AI-enabled back-office functionality dedicated to rebate calculation, the process is reduced to punching a few buttons.
  • Fraud detection: The casino operators need a shield against the frauds that can impact the bottom line badly. Using the back-office with a fraud detection feature, the casino operators can get support for real-time monitoring and control. All transactions are evaluated discretely, helping operators to spot red flags, without tampering with the seamlessness of experience given to the players.
  • Affiliate commission calculation: As a casino operator, you may need affiliate support to expand the business reach. Thus, rewarding the affiliates so that their participation can be monetized appropriately is important. It helps to create a reliable and reputed brand image and drive good number of affiliates.

Thus, with a back-office that delivers good support for complete business management, the casino operators can make a solid start in the online casino market.

  • Multiplicity of templates to choose from

The casino operators going for white label casino solutions can get a large variety of templates. These templates have difference in number of products, payment methods, languages, CRM solutions, etc. Depending upon the findings from market research and customer profiling, the operators can choose the templates that suit their requirements the best. So, from a localized provider to aiming to becoming a global leader, the online casino businesses that work with various objectives can pick the templates as per their varied requirements. The templates can vary based on:

  1. Number of languages provided
  2. Types of currencies for payment
  3. Banking methods
  4. Game providers
  5. Customer support platforms – phone, email & CRM, live chat, social media
  6. Licensing for the business

All these features of the white label casino help businesses proceed with a complete solution in hand. Based on the analytics findings, and as per the user behavior analysis, the popular games are highlighted at the home page for easier access.

All top providers are included in the template. The business can approach the white label casino solutions specialists to know about the game providers available with them.

  • Attractive graphical user interface (GUI)

The casino players want the freedom to access the platform on their mobile device and computers as well. Thus, the casino operator needs to have ample arrangement to deliver a seamless experience across the devices. The white label casino provider meets the customer expectation by leveraging the benefits of a flexible and scalable GUI. With the help of customization of website features, the casino business can bridge the gap between the features and user expectations. It is achieved by having a smoothly navigable menu bar, highlighted ways to reach customer service, display of trending games on the home page, and so on.

  • Player management support

A casino operator trying to be a player-centric business needs to have updated player information all the time. The player management feature in a white label casino provides information like membership level of the player, games played and the performance (won or lost), VIP rewards management and so on.

To sum up,

The white label casino can iron out all creases and provide a fully streamlined solution to the businesses wanting to penetrate online casino market. The white label software helps manage both backend and frontend. Also, it provides complete support needed for player management, which is crucial to the success of any such business. By providing end-to-end support, the start is made easy and navigation to expansion path a cakewalk. So, reach out to the white label casino developers when you have decided to be the next promising thing in the online casino field.

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