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White label or turnkey casino software: Which choice is better?

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The growth of casino industry is quite evident owing to a number of online casinos coming into existence. The new operators join the bandwagon almost every year making the space quite a competitive one. This has fueled the demand for speedier solutions of starting an online casino. A well-equipped casino software company offers two main solutions to meet the growing demand – white label casino software and turnkey casino software. Let’s evaluate both solutions and find out which one to pick.

White label casino software and its advantages

A white label casino software is a completely developed solution. The business owner only needs to put the brand name and logo to launch it. This casino software has all the features pre-configured. So, the business owners who are just testing the waters or have limited budget to start an online casino find respite in this solution. Almost everything from a license and gaming content, to customer support and promotional solutions is made available in a white label casino. Thus, the casino software developer is providing the complete solution along with the technical and legal support leaving the job of only promotion and player acquisition to the casino owner.

Main advantages of a white label casino software

Taking clue from the name and the functionalities offered, it is safer to suggest that white label casino software is a very time-saving solution. Some of the main advantages of this software apart from saving the time are:

  1. Less costly: White label casino comes with a pre-determined cost and it does not go beyond a certain limit. The businesses can pick from the templates provided by the casino software company and move forward by tweaking the brand name and logo. Some companies also offer domain registration service to help the businesses have a unique name for their venture.
  2. Faster to market: Since the white label casino software is complete in all aspects, it is ready to launch. Thus, the business owners can materialize their plan within a short span of time and leverage the speedier launch to their benefits.
  3. Help concentrate better on marketing and acquisition: The white label casino software provider takes up full responsibility of all the technical aspects of running this venture. Thus, the business owners can focus on strategizing part and come up with player acquisition models like VIP programs, new welcome bonus offers, and other promotional aspects. It allows businesses to study the market demand well and pick up the audience pool that can be best served with the solutions that the white label casino software offers.
  4. Several additional features: Only the user interface is not included in the white label casino; in fact, there are various additional features like loyalty program, customer support service, web development and hosting and affiliate program, which help take the player satisfaction to the next level.

Thus, if the business has thought about starting an online casino with pre-configured, fully operational set-up, and at a low budget, the white label casino serves the need best.

Almost similar to white label casino but with some additional features is the turnkey casino software. Let’s find out what a casino software company offers in a turnkey casino package and who can use it.

Turnkey Casino Software – features, advantages and disadvantages

Turnkey is a purely custom-built solution. The casino software provider gathers all information and features from the clients and puts them together for them. In this solution, the operator has to take up the task of sourcing the payment interfaces, language and currency, bonus systems, etc. on his own and the developer does the task of integrating them to a template. The only thing already available is the gaming content, or the titles in a turnkey software. So, this solution works better for the businesses that want the software in a completely customizable and expandable state and want to enjoy a better control over the venture.

The main advantages of a turnkey casino software are:

  1. Better customizability: The casino operator or owner has the freedom to pick the features and get them integrated into the interface. Thus, the business owner has the freedom to have only those features which are actually required. Also, they can get changes done in features like withdrawal limit, minimum deposit required, addition of new promotional offers, etc. It helps maintain novelty in the environment of an online casino.
  2. Enhanced expandability: Online casino’s gaming content in case of a turnkey software can be easily expanded by introducing new titles whenever required. Thus, there is always something new to serve to the patrons.
  3. Ability to make the platform more enriched: Whether it is a prediction for the game, or a new sport to add, the Turnkey casino software allows to make all possible changes. So, the platform can be enriched with fewer efforts and seamlessly. The owners can also introduce newer payment methods or new promotion offer without requiring to code from the scratch.

So, which one is better?

Well, both are equally good and meant for different types of business models. The customizability of a turnkey casino is better than a white label counterpart, but the former requires more involvement. Cost-wise, the turnkey solution is more effective than a white label. The white label casino software comes with a subscription fee and the developer also demands a cut in revenues. No such cost is involved in a turnkey solution.

Turnkey software will require a business to procure a gambling license on its own, whereas the white label casino comes with a valid license. Also, in a turnkey casino software, the owner has to shop for a compatible operating system and software that runs all the games smoothly; whereas, the technical requirements are pre-determined in the white label counterpart.

To conclude,

Both turnkey and white label casino software solution have their loyal user based. The casino software company analyses the need of the business and then suggests the users the option that meets their demand better. So, choose the option only after thorough analysis and on attaining better understanding of the business model. It is how you can gain traction in the iGaming industry sustainably.

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