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Overview of white label casino games solutions

Overview of white label casino games solutions

Casino games are the oldest source of entertainment. People interested in gambling were easily attracted towards these games and managed to make decent money. Over the years, the formats of casino games have undergone various changes. When everything became possible to access on mobile phones, casino games were not left behind too. Now, these games are available in the form of mobile and desktop apps and are registering users in tunes of millions.

Key statistics of the casino games industry

According to Statista, the social casino games industry was evaluated at $6.2 billion in 2020. It is estimated to cross $7.2 billion mark by 2026.

As per the observations of Analytics Insight, the online slots are popular among the people of age group 25 to 34. A UK study shows that around 17% of the population plays casino games online and the revenue of £5.2 billion approx. is earned from online gamblers only.

From the period 2020-2027, the online gambling industry is expected to grow at CAGR of 11.4% approx., according to Grand View Research.

All these statistics show that the casino games business is worth giving a try. If a business wants to start testing these waters at low cost, the white label online casinos offer a suitable alternative. The aspiring casino operators can team with white label casino software provider and start this business at the scale of their choice.

How white label casino software helps

A white label casino software provider has done a thorough research on the user interest and expectations. This expert offers all the features needed to start and run an online casino business smoothly. The business owner is expected only to do the branding and display it as their own creation and market it heavily to make the presence felt by online casino players.

Some of the key deliverables of a white label casino software are:

  • Fully operational back-office and front-office suite

The software comprises a ready-to-use back-end and front-end suite. It offers the users an unmatched convenience of managing the operations and the player base as well. The suite comprises all the functionalities that a casino game player seeks in the solution. A sleek interface which is easy to navigate offers seamlessness in operations and the players can start using the application without requiring much training.

The back-end suite allows to manage all operations. The casino operator can keep an eye on all operational issues and apply solutions to manage affairs of the business without many hassles.

  • Gambling license

It is the most attractive service rendered by a white label casino software provider. The casino software providers have in place a valid gambling license which allows their clients to meet the statutory requirements. Depending upon the location of the business, the white label casino can pick the alternative with suitable license and build the enterprise further with advantage of winning the end users’ trust.

  • Library of thousands of games

The online white label casino software includes an extensive library of thousands of games. Products from more than 50 games providers belonging to different genres of casino games are included in the software. The usual games providers consulted for the purpose are NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Jili, Bet Radar, M8Bet and others provide online slot games, Table games like Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack, etc.

The white label casino provider also deals in sportsbook and esports solutions. Thus, the casino operators have full access to an enriched library of games. They can pick from the collection and use them to build themselves as a specialist of certain category.

  • Customer Relationship Management Platform

At an online casino, the customers come to enjoy various games. They need help at various points in time and may have queries of different nature. An integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform allows the business operators to provide an interactive tool to customers. They can record all the queries and allot the case no and keep track of the status of the query. With such solutions in hand, the casino operators can achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Payment system

The online casino thrives on the stakes the gamblers make. For this, e-commerce features are sought after in an online white label casino. The business operators, in consultation with the software provider, pick the payment options relevant to their region of operation. They can make these functional with seamless integration.

Advantages of having white label casino solution

A white label casino allows the aspirants to start their business in the least possible time. The development of the platform is done by software experts who employ the latest technique. All the features are included in the software that make it a turnkey solution for starting the online casino business. It translates into benefits, such as:

  1. Faster development: All the features are already developed. The only task left is to pick the features from the suite and integrate them to develop a full-fledged solution. Thus, the development is faster.
  2. Low cost: Since the development time is less and requires little coding, the development expenses are less. As a result, the online casino can be started at a low budget.
  3. Features-enriched solution: All the features needed for running an online casino are already offered in the template. Thus, the casino does not lag in quality or deliverability.
  4. Full tech support: The casino operator is provided full tech support to get all queries resolved. Whenever in a fix, the tech support can bail the client out of situation and helps keep the business up and running.
  5. No back-office downtime: The white label casino comes with robust platforms that are well-protected from all attackers and bugs. So, the maintenance requirements are minimal, which result in almost nil downtime.

To sum up,

A business aspiring to foray into online casino space can make an easy start with white label casino solution. The process of adoption is simplified and supported by the expert developers. WiredKing provide full support on all technical aspects leaving the owners to concentrate on marketing and business expansion. Thus, an online white label casino proves to be a profitable proposition for the starters in this field.

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