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White label casino: a quick way to penetrate the iGaming market

white label gaming solutions

Gaming license, a platform, tech support, and what not! You may start feeling overwhelmed by the needs arising one after the other when you aspire to launch an online casino solution in the market. As a business owner or casino operator, you should have more focus on devising marketing plans or searching ways to expand your reach. It is where the white label casino solutions present themselves as a lucrative opportunity. These solutions allow you to move ahead with strategic planning portion while taking care of everything else for you.

What is a white label casino?

White label casino is a simplified business development solution that takes away the complication from the process of launching an online casino. It allows you to save time and cost and enter the casino sector with all tools and solutions in hand. Whether this approach is suitable for you or not can be determined by consulting with a white label gaming solutions provider. This expert can help understand how this approach of launching the casino fits the business model. In essence, a white label casino has all the features, including the license, that you need to start and manage an online casino.

Components of white label casino

A white label casino is a fully developed platform that only requires a few customizations to fit the business model. The white label gaming solutions provider presents this platform in the form of a template and sets you free to choose the features that you want to see in the final product. It offers you various services as a package, such as:

  1. A gambling operator sub-license
  2. Complete software comprising of platform, functionalities, a website design and hosting service
  3. Gaming titles and related content
  4. Affiliate program
  5. Bonus and rewards system
  6. Tech support along with legal support
  7. Payment methods
  8. Customer support feature that works 24 by 7, and
  9. Player support solution like self-help guides, FAQs, etc.

In essence, the white label casino is a ready-to-use interface which can be aligned with the business model and  comprises all requisite technical and business-related features. You get both the front-end and back-end developed for streamlining activities, and ensuring staff productivity so that the business reaches the breakthrough point sooner.

Let’s explore all the components and their role one by one.

  1. Gambling sub-license: Getting a gambling sub-license can save you a lot of time and money. By using the white label casino solutions, the casino operator saves himself from all red-tapeism that surrounds the process of procuring a gambling license and uses the license held by the provider. Only task left is to check the validity of the license and then proceed with the business development process.

The gaming license procurement is never easy. The authorities can pose ‘n’ number of objections and investigate your reputation extensively which always poses a possibility of rejection. Such an environment hints at the business’s failure to take off due to lack of credibility. It further impacts association with payment gateway providers which may refuse to team due to lack of license. So, a major hassle is removed with white label casino that comes with a valid sub-license.

  • Complete casino software developer: White label casino solutions are just like website templates. You get the freedom to choose from functionalities, interface design, back-office features like analytics tools and planners, etc. Also, you get the hosting support that ensures smooth functioning of the casino site.
  • Gaming titles: White label gaming solutions provider takes up the role of a content aggregator. There are several games providers functional in the market. Approaching them individually and getting games integrated one by one could mean a lot of work. With white label solution, you reduce all this to just partnering with the aggregator and all games are brought together on the platform in one go.
  • Affiliate program: This feature offers a complete guideline on how the system will work. The business owners can use it for expansion purposes and achieve better reach among the players.
  • Bonus and rewards system: A complete promotional package is available in a white label casino solution. The operator has to just change the language and pick from offers included in alignment with the policies on which the business is going to work.
  • Tech support with legal support: The white label casino solutions provider works as a team with the client. There can be several issues to handle which may require technical expert’s assistance. Also, legalities of operations are to be managed too. Thus, various functionalities related to this aspect are included in the package.
  • Payment methods: Playing casino games involves financial transactions. So, the players need to have access to several payment methods for speedier engagement. In a white label casino, many payment methods are integrated, which smoothens the process of gambling. The operator can pick from the methods relevant to their location or area of operation.
  • Customer support: Players need to reach a customer support touch point for several reasons. They may have queries related to registration, payments, bonuses and rewards, payouts, etc. The white label casino offers communication solutions like live chat, email, social media, phone, messaging platforms, etc. in the package. The operator can pick from these options as per their functional requirements.
  • Player Support: A white label casino site also comes with self-help feature, blogs, news, alerts system and others that fills the player with relevant information needed for playing well at the casino platform.

When all these basic functionalities are selected, the operator can move to the branding part. The white label casino offers the freedom to choose the brand logo and move ahead with the advertising and promotional activities.

To sum up,

When you have a complete tech support and a ready-to-use casino solution by your side, the plan of launching an interface can be materialized quite fast. Thus, you stay ahead of the competition and also utilize the opportunities to make a place for yourself in the online casino niche. However, a white label casino solution will work better for you when you have a prior experience and have a complete business model clear in your mind.

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